Prenatal Aerobics

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The weather over the last few days did not allow me to go for evening walk as usual. So, I decided to make some simple exercises at home. Carik punya carik kt internet, I found these postnatal aerobics video uploaded in YouTube. *credit to doctorcathy. Kat channel ni ade banyak sgt senaman sesuai utk ibu2 mengandung. To those who don't have enough time to go out for some work out, maybe u can try this at home.

Ade jugak website Doctor Cathy ni.. should do these exercises daily. Maybe 30-40 minutes per day..enough right? Mr. Dumbbell..pls be ready to be my best buddy starting from now.

Owh..but I will still continue with 散歩 in the evening. I think that is the best exercise for a mom-to-be.


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